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From August 2008 through this past spring—nearly nine years—I blogged regularly then semi-regularly then off-and-on then almost never on a blog called Resident Theology, which I created the month I began my MDiv studies at Emory University. I posted 60 times in 2008, 193 in 2009, 156 in 2010, 100 in 2011, 88 in 2012, then a total of 61 in the last four and a half years. The downturn coincided with the beginning of my doctoral work at Yale in fall 2011, and as comps and dissertating and bona fide publishing began to take over my time, blogging fell by the wayside.

Well, the dissertation is completed and submitted, and this fall I begin a new chapter in my vocation as a theologian and academic: Assistant Professor of Theology at Abilene Christian University. To mark the occasion, I am officially concluding the run of Resident Theology and starting up a new blog, very cleverly titled Resident Theologian. I plan on developing a much more rigorous posting schedule, hopefully 2-4 times a we…