Where Else to Find Me Online

Here is my ACU faculty page.

Here is my Academia.edu page.

Here is where you can find me on Twitter (@eastbrad).

Here is my old blog, Resident Theology.

Here is a December 2015 interview with me at Theological Horizons.

And here are some links to selected online publications (most recent first):

"The Specter of Marcion," Commonweal.

"An Anti-Enlightenment Ax to Grind," The Christian Century.

"The Church and the Common Good," Comment.

"First Things and Last Things in Christian Theology," Marginalia Review of Books.

"God and All Things in God: The Theology of John Webster," Mere Orthodoxy.

"Holy Ambivalence," Los Angeles Review of Books.

"Public Theology in Retreat," Los Angeles Review of Books.

"Systematic Theology and Biblical Criticism," Marginalia Review of Books.

"Theologians Were Arguing About the Benedict Option 35 Years Ago," Mere Orthodoxy.

"Renewing the Heart of Systematic Theology," Marginalia Review of Books.

"An Interview with Miroslav Volf," Missio Dei.

"Though the Earth Give Way: Haiti, Suffering, and the Crucified God," The Other Journal.

"Why Theology Matters," New Wineskins.


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