New personal website!

Some exciting news to share: I now have a personal website, Built by the wonderful Brannon McAllister (business here, Twitter here), it will henceforth by the one-stop shop for all my professional activities: updates, bio, links, writing, CV, etc. And that includes blogging. All the posts from this blog have been imported there, and starting today all new blog posts will be published there, at

The reasons for creating the site are many: to own my own turf (thanks, Alan Jacobs), to gather all my professional stuff under one roof, to have an online presence prepared should I quit social media altogether, to supply publishers and editors with quick-and-ready information about me, to gear up for my first two books to be published in the next 12 months.

And, to be honest, after 15 years using Blogger (via Google), to get away from one of the big tech giants. I've never assumed my writing here was entirely stable, secure, or mine. It'll feel good—it feels good already—to house all my writing in a single place.

I'm sure there remain kinks to work out, but I'm happy with the site as it stands today. Come on over! I'm sure to be motivated to blog more this summer now that I have such shiny new clothes to dress it up in.


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